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Hello! I have returned, at least for a moment, to this blog. I’d like to say I am here to stay, but life always seems to say otherwise. I have written in a journal about 3 times in my life. It was when my kids were little and each time I started anew. Each time, I made it through one day. Then, several years passed. So, I have always had a special admiration for those who write, who write often, and who write well and quickly. None of those are in my list of strengths, so now you know where I am coming from.

Photos, though…now, that is totally different.  I love telling stories with my images. So, I am going to share a few from a couple of weddings from last year. I’ll get to this year in about 3 months. Just kidding (I hope). These two weddings have such wonderful stories. However, without words, I hope you can see the joy and the story in the images, themselves.

I titled this blog, All Around Amelia, since these two weddings were photographed on Amelia Island. I love it here, and it seems many others do too, since we have become such a popular destination for weddings and families alike. My 2nd shooter in both weddings was Jensen of He just happens to be my son and always adds a special dimension to the wedding day.

Enjoy the pics!


Pam of

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Prep for this awesome wedding was at a gorgeous private home in downtown Fernandina Beach.

Jensen Bell Photography Deal wedding

2016-04-26_0002 2016-04-26_0003 2016-04-26_0004 2016-04-26_0005 2016-04-26_0006 2016-04-26_0007 2016-04-26_0008

Ceremony was at the United Memorial Methodist Church, Fernandina Beach.

Jensen Bell Photography Deal wedding


After a trolley ride, almost the length of the island, the reception was held at Walker’s Landing at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation.

2016-04-26_0011 2016-04-26_0012 2016-04-26_0013 2016-04-26_0014 2016-04-26_0015 2016-04-26_0016

Prep, Ceremony and Reception for this gorgeous wedding was at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island

2016-04-26_0017 2016-04-26_0018 2016-04-26_0019 2016-04-26_0020 2016-04-26_0021 2016-04-26_0022 2016-04-26_0023 2016-04-26_0024 2016-04-26_0025 2016-04-26_0026 2016-04-26_0027 2016-04-26_0028 2016-04-26_0029 2016-04-26_0030 2016-04-26_0031 2016-04-26_0032 2016-04-26_0033 2016-04-26_0034 2016-04-26_0035 2016-04-26_0036 2016-04-26_0037 2016-04-26_0038 2016-04-26_0039 2016-04-26_0041 2016-04-26_0040 2016-04-26_0042


Hope you’ll come back for more. I’ll be doing my best to catch up.

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