About the Photographer

Hi-My name is Pam. I live on beautiful Amelia Island in northeast Florida. I am a photographer who loves photography – portrait lifestyle being my main outlet,  and a musician who loves music – solo handbells, being my main outlet. I am the mother of four children, two daughters and two sons, and I have two beautiful granddaughters. I have a wonderful husband, to whom I have been married over 38 years, and who is retired from the US Navy.  I have been described as being high energy, which is a very helpful trait as a photographer. In  the field of photography for over 35  years, I became a pro around 2000. I had to get those four kids taking care of themselves, first. I entered this field by requests from others. I loved it, but not until others told me they loved my photography, did I think it could be my profession. Well…it has become more than that. Photography is a lifestyle in itself. I didn’t know that when I began. Back then, 35mm film was the medium of the day. When digital photography became a part of my business, around 2005,  my horizons expanded. Wow! It has been a ride.

I love Jesus Christ and he is my Lord and Savior. That is most important. Having said that, it is not an easy thing for me to ‘toot’ my own horn, on this blog, so I am counting on the images and my wonderful clients to do it for me. I love chocolate and one can always find a little stash in my home. I love dogs and we have three – basset, beagle mixes. They sing for me every time I return home :).   I love the ocean–a side benefit of parents who had a beach house at St. Simons Island, in my growing up years. Also, a side benefit of a Navy husband. I have always lived within 2 hours of an ocean, and now, live about 10 minutes walking time to it. Yes, it is very nice. I am a perfectionist at heart, which is not a good thing, so I strive for perfection and settle for whatever I get. I don’t know how to study to make anything less than an A, though I haven’t always made A’s by any means. I love a fire in the winter–outside or inside –and one of my favorite things to do is warm my pjs by it (the inside one :)) before putting them on.

I love to make my clients feel at ease when they are in front of my camera, so often I will talk with them, or say something humorous (good use of the dry sense of humor). You will often find me, when photographing children, playing with them, pulling out a few toys, or making a few odd noises. Oh–and pets–yes, I can make their ears stand up tall for a photo, but you may have to hold yours :).

I love photographing people, pets, landscapes and things, but people more. Every photo opportunity I get is another chance to get unique photos for my clients. I do love to photograph from an artistic perspective for those once in a lifetime captures. I approach my weddings the same way. The images from that day should reflect the wedding the way the bride and groom want to remember it–and even better. I know when it is time to be formal and/or casual, and the difference between the two. I quite often work with professional groups and know how handle any situation. 

Confidently, and honored,  I am here to serve your photography needs. Please call me at 904 277 9681. I would love to talk to you, and set up a time for your special session. Oh–and I do travel, on occasion. So, please don’t let that stop you from calling.

Many Blessings…


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