Amelia Island Fernandina Beach Photographer| Engagement Session

Hi All,

Quickly dropping in to share an awesome e-session on our island.

What a great time I had with these two! Such a perfect couple.

So much to share….so little time. I’ll be back with more, later.




Amelia Island Photographer in Nashville TN | Nashville Engagement Session

Hi All,

This Amelia Island photographer travels and shoots outside the Amelia Island area periodically. This blog is about my recent trip to Nashville, TN. Actually, I was there for the annual PPA Imaging, which is a very large photography convention.  This year, over 10,000 photographers were in attendance. (That’s a lot of people, folks!) It is always a great learning and sharing time as well as a great time to catch up with friends from around the world who attend.

Since my couple, getting married in May, in Nashville, lives there, I thought this would be a great opportunity to document the two of them in their hometown. And, since this was my first visit to Nashville, I figured it would be a fun time. Locals always know the best photo ops, and this couple certainly did!

We, along with my 2nd shooter, Jensen Bell (Photography), and our assistant, Wade (in charge of holding light stand, reflector, bags and coats), met our couple in the parking lot near the stadium. We walked around for just a moment and found a perfect spot to shoot, since perfect spots are everywhere there!

DR2_0009rm-2 0001 DR2_0001rm

0008 DR2_0013rm


Then… to the walking bridge (not sure of the name, because there are bicyclists there, too) that overlooks the river and Nashville. However, since I am a little fanatical about silhouette shots, I had to capture a couple of those as we walked. I just couldn’t resist the use of this awesome ‘treescape.’




Then, we walked on, and captured more images for these two on the way to the top of the bridge. I took a little artist’s license with this first one. Yep, there were people, but I waited for them to pass for these images. I usually capture the ‘dip’ moment at the beach. Capturing it on the bridge in the COLD was quite unusual for me, but these two pulled it off with ease.

DR2_0081-Editrm0072 DR1_0128rm

Then, we reached the top of the bridge. What a cool spot! (And, did I mention COLD spot?–this was January 31 and brrrr for this Deep South gal).0080 DR1_0144rm 0084 DR1_0157rm

We had such a great time on the bridge. Just look at Nashville. This was a WOW moment for me. And, this perfect pair was so natural with the camera and easy to capture. So, to add a little variety, I pulled out the scarves that were hiding in my bag. (Never a dull moment with scarves!)DR1_0197rm

0114 DR1_0233rm

As we continued down the bridge, we found some cool photo ops, buildings and, of course, the fountain.

0142 DR1_0326rm

We had a ‘pick up and twirl’ in the middle of the pedestrian walkway, on the main street while crossing the road; however, there was no slowing down or blocking of traffic and no danger. We did have to practice the first time and then shoot the 2nd time, since I was walking on the pedestrian walkway that was parallel to my couple. Shooting while walking is always a bit of fun!


Then, we had a few moments to hang around the Ryman auditorium area. So cool being in a place I have heard of most of my life. Oh, yeah, and I love to have a little fun with my couples. 🙂


DR2_0187rm DR2_0181rm-2

0170 DR1_0386rm

After that, we had a few moments to have lunch in a pretty special place called Merchants. It seems most people know of Merchants who are from that area. The food was delicious!


As I parted ways with my couple, I left with some great memories of downtown Nashville, a full belly, and some awesome captured moments for this cute pair. I have shared a few of those in this blog, as well as in the slide show posted in the link, below, if you’d like to see more.  Enjoy! And….now you know why Jensen and I can’t wait ’til May!…

Pam of


Wedding on Amelia Island | Destination Wedding Amelia

Hi All,

I am so excited to share this very recent wedding with you. This was an all destination wedding on our beautiful island, with a stunning bride and her handsome man. The venue was the Ocean Club of Amelia, right near Slider’s Restaurant, along the coastline. This jewel on the beach boasts perfect views and is a host to intimate weddings and receptions as well as other events year round. The decor has a very nautical feel, and the decorative shells were perfect for ring shots, as was the mirror and wall hanging with the natural hues. We love making use of whatever the venue has to offer and this venue definitely has some very special features.

Jensen and I had the best time capturing some images and memories for the newlyweds and their families and guests. They were blessed with a gorgeous winter afternoon/evening on our island, thus the gorgeous sky color present at sunset time. The golden hour lighting–just perfect! And, the silhouette opportunity presented itself, so, of course I had to snap a few, as did Jensen.

The paragliders just added that extra special touch and their timing was perfect! And, so many seagulls paid us a visit to see what was going on. Such a perfect beach wedding day!

The images you are seeing, here, show only a few moments of their day. So, enjoy just a taste of this celebratory event through these special moments captured… for a lifetime of memories.



0001  0003 CK1_0002rm 0002 CK1_0041rm 0003  0013 CK1_0022rm 0004  0019 CK1_0038rm 0005  0026 CK3_0026rm 0006  0030 CK1_0064rm 0007  0047 CK1_0103rm 0008 CK1_0164rm 0009 CK1_0168-Editrm 0010  0063 CK1_0134rm 0088 CK1_0169rm 0011  0105 CK2_0048rm 0012  0115 CK1_0175rm 0013  0138 CK1_0186rm 0014  0152 CK2_0088rm 0015 CK1_0282rm 0016  0172 CK1_0223rm 0017  0197 CK1_0258rm 0018  0234 CK1_0345rm 0019  0246 CK1_0370rm 0020  0251 CK1_0387rm 0021  0256 CK1_0407rm

0176 CK1_0234rm 0182 CK2_0123rm 0186 CK4_0134rm 0215 CK2_0167rm0022 CK2_0222-Editrm 0023 CK2_0252rm 0024  0420 CK1_0608rm 0025  0408 CK2_0325rm 0026 CK2_0341rm 0027  0427 CK1_0624rm 0028  0429 CK2_0349rm 0029  0437 CK2_0358rm 0030 CK2_0364rm 0031  0448 CK2_0372rm 0032 CK2_0387rm 0033  0483 CK2_0430rm 0034  0486 CK1_0636rm 0035  0467 CK3_0252rm 0036 CK2_0408rm 0037  0004 CK3_0010rm 0038  0025 CK3_0023rm 0039  0342 CK3_0162rm 0040  0346 CK1_0514rm 0041  0348 CK1_0518rm 0042  0356 CK1_0531rm 0043  0386 CK1_0580rm

Amelia Island Photographer | Fun with Island Kids

Hi All,

Welcome to my 2015 blogging. Yep, I know I started a tad late this year, but, hey, better-late-than-never, right? 

I do have good excuses, but have always heard folks don’t want to hear excuses, so I won’t bore you. Just know I have been very busy learning some new things to share with my clients during 2015 and on.  Since my last entry in this blog, I have attended a wedding workshop with the great Bob and Dawn Davis Designs (looking forward to sharing the images, here), and also attended PPA Imaging, a huge photography convention that was held in Nashville, TN. I have honed some new skills and brushed up some old ones, have my sights set on some change-ups in my business and have a new camera —Nikon’s top — and a new awesome lens for my clients’ images.  I am ready for 2015.

I have chosen to share a few of my most recent images and some were taken with the new lens. Some of the images I am sharing were taken with one of my all-time favorite lenses. I have had it in my lens arsenal for over 5 years. I am also sharing two videos from two of my recent sessions. Hope you enjoy viewing what I love doing. 

I am making this a short blog since tomorrow is a big day.  I am teaching a workshop and sharing with others the joy of portrait photography and how to capture the vision. Can’t wait!

Until next time,





0038 KW2_0113rm KW2_0009rm KW2_0171rm KW2_0174rm-2 KW2_0257rm KW2_0294rm KW2_0307rm-3MS2_0018-Editrm MS2_0075-Editrm-5 MS2_0100-Editrm MS2_0167-Editrm MS2_0181rm-2 MS2_0204-Editrm-4 MS2_0219rm-3 MS2_0246rm-4 MS2_0250-Edit-2rm-2

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Wedding at Omni Amelia Island Plantation | Pam Bell Photography

Hi All,

A wedding on Amelia Island is always a good choice. Located just a short distance from Jacksonville, FL, and Brunswick, GA, we have numerous venues, from small to large, and each has its own uniqueness and beauty. We have the quaint, rustic, oceanside, riverside, marsh front, woodsy, harbor front, oak tree canopied, formal, golf-side, pool-side, pier-side, and many more-so many more. I have had the privilege through the last 15 years of capturing weddings in all of the above-described venues. When I look back on them, I consider myself so blessed to have had the opportunities I have had.

This wedding I am sharing today is from summer 2014, Amelia Island. The ceremony venue was the Amelia Plantation Chapel, at the Omni, and the reception site was Walker’s Landing with its gorgeous moss-draped oak trees, tropical foliage and awesome marsh view. I wanted to share it way before now, but my schedule did not allow the time I needed to share properly. The fall always brings a little slower schedule; as I wind down to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends.

Please take a peek into the awesome wedding day of Jason and Lauren. The love these two have for each other is so very evident and they were a joy to photograph. It is also evident they are Gator fans –and I didn’t even hold that against them–being a Georgia gal at heart. (So glad they didn’t hold that against me and still hired me to photograph their day :). It is also very evident that Jason is quite the fan of Nascar. Just take a peek at the groom’s cake.

Please know you are only viewing a small portion of the images from their day, and some, in the slideshow, are included just for fun. When I photograph a wedding, I do so from the viewpoint of what I would want captured for my day or my daughter’s day. I want every detail, every person – within reason – and all the fun, emotions, formality, informality, romance, and even a little wackiness (if present), documented. I strive to catch all those moments with every wedding I photograph. Weddings are the most joyful, wonderful, full of life celebrations, and I love watching two become husband and wife. It never grows old. I never grow tired. It is always fresh and new.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy what you see.



The link is below:

0084 PA1_1626-Edit-Edit-2rm PA1_1518rm-2 PA1_2566rm-2 PA1_3398rm PA1_3437rm

Capturing Family Memories on Amelia Island | Amelia Island Photographer

Hello All,

Today, my blog consists of sharing a recent family session with you by sharing a slideshow of a selection of images from their beach session on Amelia Island in Northeast Florida. I just love capturing moments for clients and their families, whether at a beach session, wedding, newly engaged session, couple session, maternity session, baby session, child session or high school senior session. I love them all. Hope you enjoy what you see.




Capturing Family Memories on Amelia.

Amelia Island Photographer | An Amazing trip to Italy

An amazing trip to Italy to attend an awesome workshop by Yervant yields this Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island Photographer a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!
Along the way, I just ‘happened’ to find a cute family for a family photo adventure in Florence, as well as a cute soon-to-be-parent couple in Rome to document.

Wow! It has been awhile since my last blog. However, I do have a good excuse….I was out of country. You might think I could add to this blog while in Italy, but I was waaaaay to busy taking in all of it, and capturing memories through my lens. No time for writing, there.

In Italy, there seemed to be adventures around every corner. There was the adventure of trying to maneuver myself in and around the train system (and my husband doing the same, while he managed our two big suitcases. My job was handling the two little suitcases). Also, there was the adventure of trying to find a hotel while on a train to the town where the hotel was needed, with no communication, except text messaging, working. Thankfully, the cute Mom in the first set of images, below, was able to find us a possible hotel, text the name to us, and then, our son, stateside, had to make arrangements for us as we traveled across Italy, and as we communicated to him through text.  It was interesting, to say the least. It is always interesting in Italy, it seems –at least for us! But we do love it. This is our 2nd trip there. First was to Southern Italy and Tuscany, this was to middle and Northern part of that beautiful country. Oh—and we stayed in a castle near the Swiss Alps. I guess I should mention that. Hmmmm….I will have to write a blog about that, soon. It was awesome!

Ahhh, the memories, and photos. I always capture photos to help with the memories. I live and remember through my lens. It has been that way for sometime, now – possibly always. Things I take photos of, I remember. I don’t have to look back at the photo, just clicking the shutter plants the image in my head.

I have some awesome images to share and don’t have a clue where to begin—not a clue. However, I thought I’d share, first, a few images from the family session. This couple happens to live about an hour from Florence, where we met up, and happens to be from Amelia Island. Go figure! 🙂  Then, I thought I’d share a few images from the maternity session in Rome. We met this young soon-to-be-dad two years ago, and have conversed with him on Face Book ever since. (Actually he rescued us in the middle of nowhere 2 years ago–we call him our angel). So neat that he has since married and, now, he and his bride are expecting their first child). And, then I am including one icing-on-the-cake image at the end. So please check out all the images. I don’t think you will be disappointed in any of them, but the last one will definitely surprise you. (I think).

You see, the  amazing Yervant workshop I attended was in Venice. That is where George Clooney was married, the day before I arrived; however, little did I know he was still in the area, and was going to be boating down the Grand Canal while I was in my room (which happened to look out upon the Grand Canal), during a lunch break from the first day of the workshop.

My husband casually stood at the window and said. “If you want a photo of George Clooney, you need to come to the window right now”. To which I immediately heard the cheering outside and grabbed my camera with its 70-200 zoom lens, which was handily lying on the bed for return to the workshop. And, I snapped the procession all the way down the Canal and under the Rialto Bridge. It was awesome!

Cool! Enjoy my photo of George and his new bride. (I have about 20 images of the Clooney ‘parade’ down the Grand Canal, but this is my favorite one). They are a gorgeous couple, no doubt!

I have so much more to share…. and don’t know when I will have time, but soon. I also have many family shoots from right here on Amelia Island and some beautiful model shots from the workshop in Venice. Those will be later.

For now, enjoy!

Blessings…and thanks, for stopping by. Please feel free to share this blog with others you think might enjoy my little attempt at writing and my images.


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It’s A Busy Time on Amelia Island | Fine Art Portraiture

Hi All,
I have been remiss in my blog, but wanted to let you know I am still here. I am just coming off the busiest summer ever, since beginning my business almost 15 years ago. I am blessed to live near the Ritz Carlton and the Omni on the island, and both of those resorts have been hopping this year. When they are busy, I am busy. They are top notch resorts and I love shooting at both. They each have different offerings, but amazing backdrops for photography sessions. And, then, of course, the island itself is loaded with many other awesome locations for shooting, including the quaint little town of Fernandina Beach.

One of my favorite spots to shoot, located just near Amelia –just an island away, and across the south end bridge–is Big Talbot Island State Park, with its many old tree trunks that grace its shoreline. It is an awesome place to shoot and many families and couples choose that location.

Most of the summer has been consumed by family beach sessions. I do specialize in them, it seems. That is what happens when a photographer lives at the beach. 🙂 Not a bad thing, at all. I love photographing families of all ages, but those little ones on the beach–there is just nothing like it. I have photographed so many that it is normal for me to get the traditional beach portraits, of course, but I love looking for unique and creative images to capture in each and every session, so each family will have that unique piece that is just for them.

Amelia continues to be an ideal location for destination weddings, too. And, I photograph many of those and am thrilled to do so. I love all the beauty of weddings and love documenting the day as it unfolds. It is such a joyful time and there is never a dull moment. Creativity at its best happens on wedding days. And, I am always looking for something new I have not captured before. I had two very large weddings in August, and will share some images soon. They were both gorgeous!

Meanwhile, I thought I’d share a few images from a few recent sessions on the beach.

Thanks, for dropping by. Please share as you like.







0064 EN1_2969rm

0135 EN1_3189rm



0125 JP1_0382rm









Weddings, Families, Children, High School Seniors on Amelia Island | Amelia Island Photographer

Hi All,

It has been a long time since I last updated this blog. The lack of writing in this blog reflects the massive time my photography business consumes this time of year. With weddings, and family beach sessions, new babies, and seniors all coming in at once, time has a way of flying by way too quickly. And, since I am not a writer whose thoughts just flow, writing the blog takes a little more time for me than those gifted in writing. Thus, my blogging is almost nil this time of year.

However, I have so much I want to share with you that I don’t even know where to start. I think I’ll just throw a few images from several sessions on here, today. I will begin with the gorgeous wedding of Courtney and Kiley. I am purposely posting some images they haven’t yet seen since I am working on the finishing up of the editing of their day. Then, I will add a few of my favorite shots from some recent family sessions and a senior session. I have way more to share and will do so down the line, but enjoy perusing these. If you have questions about where an image or session was photographed, or how a session works with me, or any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We always have a great time, no matter what the occasion. Because…. best smiles come from having a great time! 🙂

Thanks for dropping by, and if you have a moment to share this with others, please do. And, if you would like to stay updated with my current sessions, please like my facebook page. I do post there quite often and on a more current basis. Address below.



GO1_0707rm-2 GO1_2126rm GO2_0206rm GO2_0351rm GO2_0402 GO1_0297rm GO1_0684rmGO1_0425rm
GO1_0865rmGO1_0658rm GO1_1977rm

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Dancing on the beach…:)

Dancing on the beach…:)



High in the air

High in the air

A boy and his boat

A boy and his boat




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0182 KG2_0173rm 0121 KG1_0232rm

Dancing through the storm

Dancing through the storm


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