Rainbow Over Amelia Island | Amelia Island Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday was a little bit different. I have to admit. I have been photographing weddings for 13 years, but wasn’t quite as prepared for this one, as I would have liked to have been.  It started out like most any Saturday wedding day does.  I had finished all my prep for the wedding (much […]

Island of Dreams | Amelia Island Photographer

Just a short blog this day. I have been out of pocket for about a week, and am now playing catch up. Last week was moving week for my mom, and we (my brother, sister and I) moved her out of her home of 64 years (yes, you read that correctly). It was a daunting […]

Creating an Image with Words or a Camera | Amelia Island Wedding Photographer

Writing in rhyme comes easy for me I come from a Dad who did it, you see For many poems he wrote and with others did share So, I continue his legacy, minus his romantic flare For he could write words that drew pictures in the mind Me? I have to use a camera to […]

Amelia Island Sunsets | Amelia Island Photographers

Just a short blog entry today. I wanted to share with you Tuesday’s (May 7) sunset on Amelia Island. I don’t often get to take sunset photos, but I was out at the right time, this day, having just finished up two sessions. On the way home, I noticed it was nearing sunset and decided […]

Surf’s Up! | Amelia Island Photographer

Hi All, I did something, yesterday, that I haven’t been able to do for a while. I went to the beach and took photos of my son surfing. This wasn’t just any beach day, but a perfect surf day for our part of the East coast. –When the waves come after the storm, when the […]

A Baby a Day–This Photographer’s Way | Amelia Island Photographers

  I love baby and child sessions. And, I love weddings, and family sessions. Oh, and I can’t forget the engagement sessions and senior sessions. And….any of those as beach sessions, too. Okay, I admit, I love them all. However, it seems I have had several baby/child sessions that have come up lately. And, I […]

Engagement Session on Amelia Island | Amelia Island Photographer

It goes without saying, once you visit our quaint little island, that it is a photographer’s paradise. I surely can’t complain, as one of those photographers, about all the gorgeous backdrops from which I can choose. I have the choice of the ocean, a river, the golden marsh, gorgeous moss-draped towering oaks, a beach, and […]

Never a dull moment with Child and Family Sessions | Child and Family Photographer Amelia Island

I have looked back through some of my past family and children sessions, as I gear up for the spring season of photography. I just love these sessions. The interaction between family members is so joyful and I love to capture that time. Whether it is an ‘eskimo kiss’ between parent and child, or just holding […]

It has been soooo long! I’m back to the blog. I hope!

  Nothing like a 5 month hiatus from my blogging. I believe I shared, when I began this blog, that I am not a writer. Well, this definitely proves it. It is a good thing I don’t treat my photography the same as this blog, or I’d never take a photo. But….I am a photographer, […]

Pam Bell Photography | Amelia Island, the Perfect Location for Vacation Portraits on the Beach – Vacation Portraits – Family Portraits – Child Portraits

I can’t believe it has been over a week since I added to this blog. I suppose I can blame it on Tropical Storm Beryl. The storm did bring quite a few things to a halt around here, including the use of electricity. Thankfully, we didn’t lose our power too long, and had only minor […]