A Day to Give Thanks | Amelia Island Family Photographer

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day has been an awesome one. The Bell family has had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and we find ourselves, once again, being very grateful and thankful for so many blessings. This year, around our table, we missed some of our regulars—family and friends, but the ones of us present […]

Fall Family Session Time and Loads of fun! | Amelia Island Photographer

What to do about all this rain and scheduled photo sessions? It’s a rainy day, here, in Northeast Florida. Hope your day is a little more cheery! Actually, I love days like this. We have a Nor’Easter blowing, causing this weather. It’s a great day to get caught up with office work and editing, but […]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year | Child Photography Amelia Island

Hi All, We are entering that most wonderful time of the year, when we celebrate the Lord’s birth! It is my favorite time of year for many reasons. While most photographers call this the busy season, this photographer usually gets to slow it down a tad. I love my photography and all the wonderful folks […]

What I Do All Summer | Amelia Island Beach Sessions

Hi All, I guess I should start off by saying Happy Halloween, during these last few minutes of this day. It has been a few days past my ‘weekly’ blogging time. I have been out shooting a few sessions, and, right now, I am preparing for an open house I will be holding tomorrow at Monkey […]

Seniors, Children, Wedding, Family Photographer Amelia | Amelia Island Photographer

Hi All, I am sharing a few images of what I have photographed over the last several weeks, and since I last blogged. There are some sessions I am not at liberty to share – like an adorable newborn session, recently, but most will let me post their images. At some point, I will talk about […]

A Little Fun at the Beach On A Carousel Horse | Family Photographer Amelia Island

Hi All, It is time, again, for my two-week blog. Wait! That was supposed to be one-week blog. Did anyone see a week run past? I seemed to have lost one. Oh, I know what happened. I do remember taking a few days off, for a family reunion. That’s right. That’s where that week went. […]

Beach Time with Families on Amelia | Amelia Island Photographer

I am having such a great time this summer. In this business, though, great time equals lots of work. I have been spending most early evenings, over the last month or two,  on the beach. Thus, my time, once through with the sessions, is spent on the downloading, editing, and uploading to the view/order site, […]

Family Beach Session Time | Amelia Island Beach Portraits

Hello All. This will be another of those short blogs. And, since my writing leaves a lot to be desired, that is probably a good thing. I keep thinking I will write and share daily, but that doesn’t seem to happen this time of year. It has been a busy summer beach session and fun! […]

Beach Sessions – I Love ’em! |Amelia Island Beach Photographer

It’s that time of year. I am busy with BEACH SESSIONS! I love them! We have such a great time. I take ‘formal’ photos, non-posed, and posed and plenty of fun and candid–with a few inspirational thrown among them all. Family and couple silhouettes against our gorgeous sky; kids – walking away, looking at the […]

A Baby a Day–This Photographer’s Way | Amelia Island Photographers

  I love baby and child sessions. And, I love weddings, and family sessions. Oh, and I can’t forget the engagement sessions and senior sessions. And….any of those as beach sessions, too. Okay, I admit, I love them all. However, it seems I have had several baby/child sessions that have come up lately. And, I […]