Education is the key in Photography | Amelia Island Photographer

I am not sure, once I write this blog, that I will actually publish it; however, if you are reading it then I was bold enough to publish it. I am going to give a little of my history in photography and how I became a photographer and then add a few thoughts at the […]

DJ and Laura’s Wedding Day on Amelia | Amelia Island Wedding Photographers

What a beautiful day for a wedding! May 19, Saturday, could not have been more perfect. From the mild temperature, quite unusual for northeastern Florida this time of year,  to the clear blue skies that accompanied. This was the first day of no rain for our island, since the Saturday before. Everyone agreed they ‘done […]

Happy Easter – Christ the Lord is risen, indeed! | Amelia Island Florida Wedding Photographers, Amelia Island Engagement Photographer

What a beautiful Easter Sunday in northeastern Florida! I had a great day beginning with our church’s sunrise service at Peter’s Point. It was just magnificent. Being a night owl, I see very few sunrises, so if i only get to see one once a year, this was the right day to see it! And […]

Winston and Amanda’s Engagement | Amelia Island Photographers

It has been almost a week since I updated my blog. This time, I know where the time has gone. It has been given to  several sessions last week and lots of office work. I love the sessions–wish I could ditch the office work, but, then again, checking those emails, writing emails, phone calls, etc.–those […]

Sunday–a time to rest. What a great day on Amelia Island!

I began this day by attending Life Group and Church. It was such a great day in the Lord’s house and I am so glad I serve a risen Lord! As the words to one of the worship songs says–‘to You alone belong the highest praise’…. To God be the glory! I had a man […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Did you wear green?

What a great day! I was able to accomplish some tasks around my home–and went with my husband, Hamp, to pickup some materials for yard work at Home Depot. While there, I realized I was not wearing anything green. I think this may have been the first time I have begun St. Patrick’s Day with […]